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Trauma Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Trauma Treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you require immediate medical attention, count on the experienced doctors and dedicated medical staff at Broward Medical & Urgent Care. We have experience treating a wide range of traumatic injuries and illnesses and provide all of our services 7 days a week without any appointment necessary. When you can’t wait to see a doctor and need treatment right away, we offer the important care you need at our conveniently located Fort Lauderdale clinic. There is no better place to receive trauma treatment in Fort, Lauderdale, FL than Broward Medical & Urgent Care.

What immediate care services do you offer?

Our trauma treatments encompass a wide range of injuries and other concerns. We can effectively provide diagnosis and treatment for minor burns, broken bones, lacerations, cuts, sprains, animal bites, eye injuries, other wounds, and minor injuries that are sustained as the result of an automobile accident. We maintain our own cutting-edge x-ray technology onsite, allowing for fast and convenient access for our patients. Our highly-trained radiologist can help your doctor immediately interpret your x-rays, so you get the answers you need regarding an injury as quickly as possible. We can provide stitches for lacerations and foreign body removal for children and adults.

How do I know if I should go to the emergency room instead of an urgent care center?

Patients should seek emergency medical attention for certain conditions. While the doctors at Broward Medical & Urgent Care can provide exceptional urgent care services, there are some situations where an emergency room is best suited to providing the necessary care. For life-threatening conditions such as deep wounds, heart attack or stroke symptoms, potential poisoning, and serious head, neck or back injuries, patients should call 9-1-1 or head to the nearest emergency room immediately. An E.R. is also best for compound fractures, fever in babies under the age of 3 months, pregnant women experiencing a medical issue, severe burns, and mental health concerns. Our urgent care center offers trauma treatments for non-life-threatening medical concerns including vomiting and dehydration, minor fractures or broken bones, fever and flu symptoms in adults, sprains and strains, minor cuts, and more.

How do I know I can trust Broward Medical & Urgent Care to provide the trauma treatments I need?

Our exceptional walk-in clinic in Fort Lauderdale has helped many patients overcome symptoms of illness and recover from injury. Our urgent care center operates under the direction of Dr. Martin Roche, who has more than 30 years of experience providing emergency medicine at trauma centers and emergency rooms throughout the country. He understands how important it is to provide patients with convenient access to trauma treatment that is fast and effective. Our entire staff is highly-trained and dedicated to the well-being of each one of our patients. We provide attentive, individualized care that helps our patients achieve incredible treatment outcomes without the long wait times they might have previously experienced. When you need to see a doctor quickly, there is no better place to receive trauma treatment in Fort Lauderdale, FL than Broward Medial & Urgent Care to receive the care you need to recover and heal.

If you are in need of immediate medical care for an illness or minor injury, trust the experienced doctors at Broward Medical & Urgent Care in Fort Lauderdale. We offer exceptional urgent healthcare services in a convenient and welcoming clinic that is open 7 days a week.